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zen's new April 1st shirt

Last night Helen put out a shirt for me to wear which she doesn't do often, but i do appreciate. However, this was one of my favorite work shirts where i had worn out the elbow and she said she'd fix by turning it into a short-sleeved shirt.


She did that and more. When i put the shirt on it felt scratchy by the sleeve and when i saw the lace trim i howled with laughter, went back into the bedroom and kissed and laughed the morning into light.


I decided to wear it to work, pretending i didn't notice that the sleeves were 'funny.' And i made it through 2 meetings (one with 4 different directors) without anyone saying anything to me.


At the end of the 2nd meeting when Tim asked if anybody had anything else to report, i said that I did and began to tell them that "Helen sets my shirts out for me and i didn't realize the april fools joke until i got to work..." Laughter and not a little bit of relief.


The funniest reaction was much later when the head of Medical Records told me that she was glad that i told everyone it was an April fool's joke because she was mortified because she (seriously) thought i was perhaps wearing women's underwear under my clothing and that somehow a small part was showing!


I am Helen's sweet April Fool and love her fiercely!

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Taken on April 1, 2009