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The Coldest Day.

One of the most disastrous shoots I'd ever had. But most memorable and happy one as well.


Weather didn't favour us, our walk to the location was an hour instead of a 10min as my assistant who recced the place told us.


It was so cold for the first time I feared that I was gonna end up killing one of my models from a photoshoot. Like, seriously. (I'd asked her to go into the waters, wet and submerge herself at some point of time. And the water was freezing enough my bones were in pain just placing my feet in for a minute. I really thought we would die. Yet I was still asking her of it, I don't know what I was thinking, I reflected a lot upon it later on about how far we could really push another for a shoot...)


Abby shivered nonstop for some 3 hours after we got back into Kyoto. T_T


And then we had a parfait night lol.


I learnt defeat. Of things not being able to carry out according to plan no matter how meticulous I'd prepared.


It was painful, but we had so so much fun and laughter together. And Abby despite the cold still fought on to make the pictures for me, I realized how blessed and loved I was, truly.


I can't say it's the most epic of photos, but all the memories that come along with this, I treasure so very dearly. Thank you Abby, Chris, Rick. You're some of my best assistants. <3


Model: Abby

Photo/makeup/hair: me

Assistants: Chris Wolf, Rick Bowen


© Zhang Jingna

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Taken on October 1, 2009