Alice In Glitterland
You've fallen down the rabbit hole, and everything is beautiful.

As you gain your bearings, you might be passed by a showgirl in a fringed flapper dress, peering haughtily at you from behind a jewelled mask with the long ears of a hare, or an aristocratic woman all in red, caressing scarlet roses only to discover she's staining her fingers with crimson paint. A man all in white might murmur to you about your lateness as he checks a shining pocket watch and ushers you up a staircase to a fitting for your new hat... where the distracted Hatter thrusts a cup of tea into your hands whilst feverishly asking your opinion of a love poem he's written for a girl in blue.

You've entered Glitterland, and you, like Alice, need to choose whether to stay or leave.
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