1973 Porsche 914
1973 Porsche 914
$$ make an offer! 140 mile range - 180HP Dual motor
This car was painstakingly restored 8 years ago and is it pristine condition now. It belongs to a friend of mine who loved the car but his wife wanted something different. The car is not a Zelectric build but it’s done very well using the same trusted components we use. The previous owner spent over $110,000 on its restoration and conversion.

The current electric build has about 8,000 electric miles on it. I need to take some more photos of it when it’s up on the lift. It’s a little race car with a larger motor the we use in the Beetles. Photos show the car with some dust on it but it’s VERY clean underneath. We also plan on covering the blue battery boxes with a black lid to clean up the design.

This car also features California Clean Air stickers so you can drive in the HOV lanes w just the driver. Regen braking system, a 3rd brake light, Larger Willwood brakes, cross drilled rear rotors. $8000 interior restore, LED headlamps, Blaupunkt stereo, chrome bumpers and a wall mounted level-2 charger (240v).
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