1959 Diamond Grey Ragtop
This car was recently painted . It's available for commission.

Diamond Grey is a stock Volkswagen metallic jewel tone color and looks a little different depending on the light. The greener photos were taken in bright sun and the more grayish photos were taken on an overcast day.

New parts installed:
- Adjustable front beam
- Front disc brakes
- Custom geared 4-speed transaxle
- Adjustable rear spring plates.
- HD front/rear sway bars & gas shocks

Currently features:
- Yellow/black CA plates
- Sliding ragtop sunroof

Planned Zelectric items include:
- White wall radial tires
- LED headlamps
- 100 HP AC motor
- Regen braking
- 27.5kWh Tesla battery
- Est. range 100mi

Options available:
- 150HP dual motor
- Air conditioning (dual motor only)
- Larger battery pack
- Electric heater
- Pop-open rear windows
- Bluetooth Alpine/Focal stereo
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