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Salmon Street Springs, 1200 seconds

The Salmon Street Springs at dusk. This is simultaneously one of my favorite and most annoying fountains. As many who have visited the fountain know, it cycles every 15-20 between these graceful arcs to a tower of spray in the middle to a misty column of water. This fountain is a prime spot for hot summer afternoons, and is also a great spot to peoplewatch. I love taking pictures of it too, especially at night, though the fountain tends to shut off about 10 pm or so. There are not many fountains you can actually stand inside of with little danger of getting wet, and it makes for a unique photographic perspective.


As much as I love the way the fountain cycles and changes, this is, in my opinion, its most photogenic form. But there has been more than once I have arrived at this fountain ready to take pictures, set up my tripod for some long exposures and just be readying to open the shutter when Whooosh, the arcs die down and the fountain cycles to its next stage. That is why I tend to bring a book when shooting this fountain. ;-) For this shot I waited through the previous cycle with my pinhole set up and ready because I knew I would need all the exposure I could get and did not want to get 10 minutes into a 20 minute exposure just to have the fountain change cycles. As it was, I used the entire cycle and was still exposing when the fountain turned off for the evening. That is when I like to go stand in the middle and listen to the water gurgle away to the tanks underneath the fountain and bask in the mist and spray still in the air, and at the relative quiet and solitude one can find even in the middle of a bustling city.


Taken with my Zero Image pinhole with Kodak 400UC and inspired by a shot from gonebiking.

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Taken on March 3, 2009