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That indefinable distance between where you are and where you will be

When it comes to photography, there are often times that I don't know entirely what it is I am looking for, but I can feel the shape of it. Or maybe another way to put it, I know what it is that I am after, but I cannot articulate it, explain it or put it into words, even to myself. It is like trying to describe a color, without using any color words. Or like describing an emotion. In truth, it is often exactly that, the describing of an emotion, some deeply intuitive and visceral response that defies the range of our meager vocabulary, something that can be felt and experienced, but never adequately described.


The pursuit of my photography is often like that, both on grand levels and microscopic ones. From the scenes I seek out and create down to the composition and the path I take post-processing. I run into this at times when I try to describe how I compose images, but personally, I don't really follow any technicals per se, it often goes by feeling and intuition. I don't know necessarily what the composition is going to end up being until I see it, and then I recognize it for just what I wanted to see before I picked the camera up to my eye. Does that make any sense? Ha, probably not much and it is why I am sometimes challenged by the notion of describing to others the intricate workings of my own photographic process. When I see it, it is something utterly recognizable and familiar, but until I see it I have no way of putting it into words, either for you or even for myself.


Rather than frustrate me, I find the process fascinating. I love the sense of mystery to it, for even when I know exactly what I am doing.... I don't... know exactly, that is. And it is this ability to be paradoxically in two places at the same time with a photo that really fuels my curiosity.

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Uploaded on August 28, 2012