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Dans un rêve moitié-oublié | by Zeb Andrews
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Dans un rêve moitié-oublié

Away with the golden sun and back to a more Gothic attitude, only appropriate for the Gallery of Chimeras. The Gallery of Chimeras is the short walkway that connects the two towers of Notre Dame and home to le Stryge who has had his photo made more than any of the other gargoyles. This is not him, by the way, but I did make photos of that one too.


I had a good conversation with a friend yesterday about traveling and photography. He had just come back from Mexico and we were agreeing how photography aids in experiencing a place. He pointed out that he remembers experiences so much better when he carries a camera, and not because of the pictures. When you are engaged with photographing something, you are concentrating more on it, and are more engaged with it. You are paying more attention and moving slower. You are also looking harder, or more thoroughly. Of course, a photographer has to learn not to let the camera become a barrier. One should not experience the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame on an LCD screen or in a viewfinder. Nor should one let the worries of pictures distract them. Just let the pictures happen of their own accord and concentrate on the process. The art of seeing and noticing and interpreting would be a much better focus than whether the photos turn out any good.


Anyway, just a few more thoughts on the process of photography, or at least my process. I would say that the effect photography has on me at that particular moment when I am standing in the wind on the parapet of Notre Dame, looking and seeing, is ten times more valuable than the picture that results. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the photos too, but just as a beneficial side-effect of the process. Because I remember this minute of this hour of this day of last year quite clearly. More clearly than if I had not had photography to encourage me.

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Uploaded on March 30, 2012