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Prenez une grande respiration. Il va passer.

You have to excuse my rough French. I have decided to try and title every one of these posts in French. Since having come back from Paris, I have not kept up on the use of the language, and that is a shame as I really enjoyed learning it. So even though it is difficult and tedious, I wanted to title each of these with in French, both in respect to the country the photos were made in, as well as to force me in some way to refresh my memory a bit. It is difficult though to be unable to effectively express nuances that I can in English, or to at least be uncertain if I am expressing certain nuances of word choice. Ah, but I try. There is no sense in letting the fear of failure or if not failure, of doing it poorly, keep you from trying. Right?


I love this image. I think it could be better, and I have not quite figured out how. But I still love it. I love the dissolving of the tower into clouds. Something so solid letting go and blowing into something ephemeral. It echos with some mood in me. Hence the title.


I think that is all I wanted to say tonight.

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Taken on March 7, 2012