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Tour Eiffel depuis le Trocadero | by Zeb Andrews
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Tour Eiffel depuis le Trocadero

I have been holding off on posting any of these images for a few months now, for a couple of reasons. The big one is that I wanted to present them all at once, as a unit, as opposed to immediately posting just the all stars, then straggling the rest out over several weeks and months, interspersed with photos from around Oregon and other adventures. I thought that latter approach too disjointed. When I see photos from trips like that it is hard to really get a cohesive sense of a place, because the photographers goes back and forth. So I waited til they were all edited and scanned and post-processed. Then I waited some more.


And now I am posting all of them together. And really, this is going to take a couple of months. For the next two months or so, my stream will be nothing but Paris. I want the experience to be cohesive and I want it to be immersive. I want you to feel like you get to know this city a bit, to convey a bit of that feeling I had walking the streets of Paris for the first time in my life, eyes full of wonder and curiosity. For Paris is a magical city (more on that later).


I also decided I am going to post by subject. So this first chunk is all going to be Eiffel Tower photos. Eventually that will give way to the Louvre and then Versailles and then back to the Eiffel Tower and then Notre Dame and then the bridges of Paris (I continued my Bridgetown project while over there). I took along something like 8 cameras and over 10 years of experience. I made a lot of different photos of the same thing in a lot of different ways. Instead of making or showing a series that is cohesive in style, I want to show a series that is cohesive in subject but varied in style. I want to show just how much can be done with the same subject in a short span of time. And so you are about to see Eiffel Tower photos aplenty. Some will be with Holga. Some with Hasselblad. A couple with Pentax 6x7. Some in color. Others in B&W. Day. Night. Sunset. Rain. Fog. You get the idea, right? ;-) I think there is a lesson in that. A good one. One about making the obvious photos, and then pushing on to look for the not so obvious ones. About how you can really get to know a place in a week, and yet still have so much more to see.


And to help you along with that, now and then I will be popping in links to Google Street View, like this one here, so that you too can take a brief stroll down some Parisian avenues and see from yet another perspective what I saw and where I photographed it from.

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Uploaded on March 5, 2012