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The Well, 15 seconds | by Zeb Andrews
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The Well, 15 seconds

All was well at the Well this past July for this sunset. I just got back late last night from a two day workshop at the beach. It was pretty spectacular weather this weekend too, but not in this fashion. It rained near constantly Saturday, and Sunday hit us with varying degrees of blue sky, overcast stormy skies, fog and rain. In other words, we got to see quite a few of the moods of the Pacific Ocean. I won't say that despite all that, because good photographers don't operate despite the weather, but rather they work in and with the conditions that exist, we all had a pretty amazing time. There were certainly many great moments but I think my personal favorite was Saturday night at Cape Kiwanda. We showed up for sunset only to find the rain dumping in buckets. So we got all our gear ready and started hiking around the backside of Kiwanda towards the arch. Turns out the wind was funneling up over that area of dunes so strongly that it was blowing all the wet sand away despite the heavy rain, picking up the dry sand and creating a literal a river of sand almost knee deep blowing up over the ridge. It was amazing to behold, murder to cameras, but one of the coolest phenomena I have ever seen at the cape. I also learned that I may be the last person in the world without an IPhone, or at least the only one in this workshop. ;-) Everyone immediately pulled theirs out and started recording video, which was a brilliant idea given the conditions. I have seen the sand blow there before, but never to that degree. The wind made it sound like you were walking by an airplane engine, and you could wade almost knee deep through these wide rivers of moving sand. By the time we all got the other side, we were quite sandblasted and there was grit everywhere, but the looks on everyone's faces were awestruck.


So yeah, the Ocean reminded us all of an important lesson. In a certain real sense, and as much as we like our pretty sunrises and sunsets, to a prepared and dedicated photographer, there is no such thing as bad weather.


Anyway, I am still worn out both physically and mentally from this one. So I had better go start getting ready for work, I am moving a bit slower this morning. But it is definitely a good tired. :-)


Perhaps I will share a few more stories with further posts. In the meantime, I know Greg is already posting images from the first day of the class, you should take the time to hop over to his stream and enjoy the photos he made out there, he got some really cracking shots, some pretty funny ones too.


Oh, before I forget, because when it comes to any self-promotion I usually DO forget, or purposely avoid it. I know, I am bad about that sort of thing. Exposure Northwest has our 2011 calendar up, or at least most of it. We will be adding two processing workshops to the schedule once the dates are confirmed. Clicking over to my profile will provide you with a link to our website.

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Uploaded on September 20, 2010