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Hole in the wall

Holga's impression of Hole In The Wall. I missed this shot the first time through because I was more concerned with getting through the hole and up the beach before the waves got me. But tide was going out and trip back more leisurely, that I happened to glance back and saw this framed up, it seemed a pretty no-brainer of a shot. Nonetheless, this is one I wish I had further opportunity to work with. I like the ocean and cloud layer, I don't like the layer of clear sky poking through at the top. I tried a few other angles but just couldn't get the camera high enough to hide that clear sky. If I had another crack at this I would come back on a more overcast day at twilight and replicate this one. I would also come back on a clear day. At night and do some star trails through the hole. And do another with a bit of an exposure bracket just to pick up a bit more detail in the foreground, but just a bit.


I don't tend to look at my photos as either successes or failures, good or bad, perfect or crappy. To do so I think is way too limiting and narrow in your evaluation of your work, simply for the reasons that even shots that aren't what you considered "successful" often have a lot to teach you. In fact, I usually tell people who remark on the quality of my work about the closet full of boxes of dud photos I have. Each successful photo I have is built off of a hundred unsuccessful ones, but that one stellar image wouldn't have been possible with what was learned from all those less stellar predecessors. Looking at, evaluating and reading your own photography is not a black and white affair. And that is part of the difference between being in tune with the process versus being hung up on the result.


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Uploaded on August 30, 2010