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For one bee, the world's most fortuitive shoe | by Zeb Andrews
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For one bee, the world's most fortuitive shoe

We found this bee foundering in the surf-sodden sand in the inter-tidal zone of Cannon Beach. We hadn't planned to be bee savers when we stopped on our way south to Cape Lookout. This was supposed to be a stop like many others: stretch legs, get sandy feet, make a few photos, and go. But there was this bee, stuck in the sand, desperately trying to fly with off to safety with one dry wing and one wing wetly plastered to its back. It was a pointless exercise, he was doomed, his life measured in the minutes it would take for a cresting wave to reach his position... and the tide was coming in.


But lucky for this bee, we happened by and Owen, who prefers his beaches barefoot (the good kid he is) loaned up one of his shoes at my urging. We gently coaxed our briny bee onto his bright blue life boat and gingerly carried him with us as we trekked along the beach, a task that became a bit trickier when his physical exhaustion began to be replaced by his curiosity. Slowly the wing dried out and he demonstrated greater and greater use of it and we knew our time together was drawing to a happy conclusion. I set the shoe down, facing out of the ever-present wind to make a few exposures (including this close up with the pinhole). Owen hunkered down for a closer look between pit digging and that is how the next ten minutes elapsed. Not with a bang, but the practically inaudible flutter of a bee's wings. One moment it was still there, experimenting with a rapidly recovering wing, the next he was gone. I only hope it avoided the wet sand afterward.


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Uploaded on August 15, 2017