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A return to the poplars, 30 seconds

I recently posted a picture here and included some of my thoughts on the importance of good editing. If you care to read it, you are of course, welcome to. One thing I failed to say, is the problem with good editing means that there will be times that good photographs don't make the cut. This may be because you have a selection of better photographs (hopefully the case). It may be because a photo does not specifically meet the goal you are editing for. Or maybe the people you are editing for just won't be as moved by a particular style of photo, no matter how technically or aesthetically pleasing it is.


Anyway, this is a photo that didn't "make the cut" until now. It is the sibling photo of this poplar pinhole which I chose to post instead. To be honest I don't remember if this photo is the older or the younger between the two. They were taken at the same time, mere minutes apart. And I do like this shot as well, I just went with the other at that time. One of the things I tend to edit for on Flickr is diversity. I like to keep my stream just a bit mixed up. Even if, over time, general trends develop in my postings, I like to keep things as different and as fresh as I can. I think it not only helps those who regularly view my stream, but it helps me as well.


There is some other news I would like to briefly mention as well. I recently won my first gallery representation at a fine art landscape gallery in La Jolla, California. The gallery's name is The Bartram Gallery. It is an impressive collection of photography, but an impressive collection of photographers. I was very very surprised, flattered, and dumbfounded that my image won their call for entries.


I debated whether or not to mention anything on this at all in my Flickr stream, and was leaning towards the negative. I really have no use for blowing my own horn. But then I figured it wouldn't be polite to the gallery, who must think highly of my photography indeed to have selected me from amongst several of the other very strong submissions I know they received. There is always a fine balance between not being humble enough and being too humble. Either or can have a detrimental effect on one's outlook regarding their photography and hence their ability to be better photographers.


I will admit that it is a very rewarding experience. It is a direction I have been working towards, I just never honestly expected to start getting there quite so quickly. I have been turning a lot of my effort and energy over the last year into "doing something" with my photos. This means a lot of things. It means scanning all my negatives into a digital library that is more accessible than pages and pages of negatives. It means submitting to various magazines, galleries, and other venues in the quest for exposure. It means writing, lots and lots of it. It is organizing and editing, and editing and organizing. I spend more time on that than anything else. What it is not about is being out there as often as I would like to take more pictures. This is the toughest part for me. Sacrificing the time to take more photos, in the pursuit of more fully using what I already have. It is just simple math.


Anyway, I thought I might have more to say, but like what I have said so far, it has wandered. I really just liked the photo. Ever since I re-discovered it I have been itching to post it. It sometimes is a hard decision to go with one photo over the other, when you like how both turned out. But it all came back around again and this one is getting its moment afterall.

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Taken on June 7, 2008