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Worlds other than these... , 240 seconds | by Zeb Andrews
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Worlds other than these... , 240 seconds

I am currently engrossed in Stephen King's The Dark Tower series. In fact I am just wrapping up book 7. Well ok, wrapping up is probably a generous description, I still have over 300 pages left. But it has been a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable read. There really isn't too much mind-bending I have to say about it tonight. Mainly, the idea of an infinite number of universes spinning on an axis with a tower at the middle of it, has at least a bit in common to how I approach photography.


It is a fascinating idea to imagine various existences running alongside our own, many so similar as to be indistinguishable from our with the exception of minor details. Other's completely and utterly alien. Photography is sort of the same. We can stand at a spot on a bright, sunny blue day and capture the photo we see. We can use a wide angle lens to stretch it just a bit. We can shoot black and white or even infrared to filter out specific visions. We can also cross process or chop the image up in photoshop. We can shoot it with primitive cameras or advanced ones. Pinholes, Holgas, a Nikon F4 or D3 (You sank my battleship by the way). And if we explore enough, we can even discover a world right in front of us that was completely invisible to us at first. Invisible but there, running right alongside the one we could see.


And so I found this one at the Ira Keller Fountain in downtown Portland on just such a bright sunny Spring day. This one was uncovered by my Zero Image pinhole and Efke infrared film through a red 29 filter. This is one of my favorite fountains... nay... one of my favorite spots in this entire city. I think it is a masterful piece of architecture and it fits this city so well, one on the edge of such an area as the Columbia River Gorge. I have many fond memories that have been found here over the years, and many of those involve fond photographs as well.


So even if King's sci-fi, western, fantasy novels are not changing my life, they are at least a bit in sync with certain aspects of my photography.


And as Roland would say,

"Bird and Bear,

and Hare and Fish".


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Taken on May 7, 2008