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The Bridge, 120 seconds

I think I can safely say this is my favorite photograph of the St Johns Bridge, not this photo itself, but the picture within the picture. It is probably this photo that first really made me notice the awe of this bridge, and of all places I found it in a Burgerville. Well, inspiration can come from strange places.


For those who have been interested in what makes me tick when it comes to photography, this is part of it. I do not even know the photographer's name, and though I could find out, that isn't really the point. Here was a moment that occurred long before I was even born, a person stood there with a camera and a piece of film, and captured it so that decades later, others could share and marvel in the experience of it. Photography is a strangely powerful thing, especially when it comes to spanning time and affecting the lives of others. I will never see this moment except as a photo. It happened once long ago, and will never be repeated. I do see plenty of other moments though and I do my best to appreciate that and capture as many of them into photographs as is possible. Perhaps someday long after I am dead, someone not even born yet may marvel at such moments too. Inspiration can from strange places.

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Taken on June 3, 2008