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The lives of others

Sometimes I am more than a bit amused at how we at times do not seem to possess enough drama in our lives, some people actually seem to strive to produce it, but now we even include it in mannequins. Maybe I am a bit old-fashioned (an odd thing to say at 29) but whatever happened to mannequins just standing there modeling clothes. I wasn't aware that there was a general feeling of dissatisfaction at the job they were doing. I am partially mock-complaining because it sure does make for more interesting picture taking. On the other hand, does someone actually stand there and think to themselves, "You know, they're right, the next time I get a brush-off from a lady, THAT is the shirt I want to be wearing!"?


Weird. Let us just hope these giant plastic dolls never unionize...


Got this shot one evening wandering down NW 23rd with my Leica M3 loaded with TMAX 3200. I seem to recall the evening including a fine cup of hot chocolate from Moonstruck. I may not drink alcohol, but I do have a bit of a penchant for well made hot cocoa. ;-)


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Taken on November 28, 2007