St Johns Bridge, 30 seconds

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    Another pinhole image of the St Johns Bridge. Taken on the Zero Image 6x6 pinhole.

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    1. PROJECT-X 107 months ago | reply

      Great shot, is it not amazing how Pinhole cameras can put high tech photo equipment to shame.

    2. Zeb Andrews 107 months ago | reply

      Yes Kevin it is, I believe it is not WHAT you use but HOW you use it that really counts. Don't worry I have taken plenty of pretty boring pinhole shots too, not every one is a winner, I just don't post those. ;-) But yeah some people get hung up on the gadget aspect, more expensive cameras do not usually equal better photographs.

    3. kylejones 107 months ago | reply

      It's neat how the diffraction actually enhances this photo. The softening of the edges adds an undefinable something to an already nicely composed photograph.

      Found in the Pacific Northwest group.

    4. taffsdad 107 months ago | reply

      another amazing pinhole, and another question... do you do much post processing on the original, the first pinholes i did in a long while were grossly over exposed but i managed to get some really interesting images using brightness contrast levels etc

    5. Zeb Andrews 107 months ago | reply

      Not too much taffsdad, most of my scans are from optical prints I make at work so I do most of the color correcting there. Though there are times I can do a bit more selective corrections through photoshop, like this one I burned in the sky a bit because the print was blown out. Sometimes I can correct colors or levels a bit more than I can at work. But that is about it.

    6. mailirolponi 107 months ago | reply

      amazing colors! love the angle!!!!

    7. Redgum 107 months ago | reply

      Great work Zeb. I'm going to drop by your camera store here pretty soon.

      In the meantime...

      This is a great classic in the Galleria.

    8. sketchySteven 107 months ago | reply

      Man, I need to fashion me one of them there pinhole cameras. Great stuff coming out of those homemade cameras oin flickrland. Super shot. Great stuff.

    9. (GLOPS) 106 months ago | reply

      fucking amazing shot!!!

    10. bsr 106 months ago | reply

      It is a very nice picture of a very nice bridge.

      Do you remember what your exposure time and film on this?

    11. Zeb Andrews 106 months ago | reply

      @bsr: The film type is easily answered, it would have either been 100 or 400UC. As for exposure time, I am guessing it was in the in the 15-60 second range.

    12. Jacob L Barr. 93 months ago | reply

      Holy crap this is so damm good. I just want to scream thees are so good!

    13. Carol in Alaska 61 months ago | reply

      My Portland!! I miss it there. I've been on that bridge :)

    14. ajxaal 59 months ago | reply

      i suck at pinwhole cameras D: but this is amazing

    15. icecreamed 56 months ago | reply

      omg amazing colours.. and softly out of focus. Love it!!

    16. gna_1024 4 months ago | reply

      Amazing colors...... Nice!........

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