Irrational fear of the big bad wolf...

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    The moment where i actually belived that there was someone there... Scaring myself again... another in the series (2 more to go)
    Radiohead - A Wolf at the Door

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    1. _Val W 83 months ago | reply

      A lot of feeling in this capture Nicely done.

    2. Luís C 83 months ago | reply

      Irrational? That sounds very human like!
      Interesting series, the pictures and the story itself and the issues you raise.

    3. Michael--B [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Michelangelo's Box (Invited Images Only), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

      Zoe, you've conviced me - you do look scared! Great shot and composition....

    4. Tru-man 83 months ago | reply

      Very nice!

    5. andywelshman 83 months ago | reply


      I certainly think this one projects the fear more than the previous shot. The feeling I got from the previous one was more of coming out into the sunlight. Here it is a feeling of withdrawing into an unsavoury place out of desparation to avoid something even more sinister.

      A couple of suggestions if i may. Your flip-flops and modern wardrobe place this shot in the 21st century. Wearing more ambiguous clothing may introduce a timeless quality, leaving us to wonder when this all happened. Also, how about a vignette to darken the corners and draw the viewer in? -Just a thought.

      Look forward to seeing some more great shots.

    6. Joep R. 83 months ago | reply

      This one is really great! You really do look scared, like the processing too.

    7. ~Zoe~ 83 months ago | reply

      Thanks for comments

      Andy, i fully take all that you have said on board... i agree with the dress and flip flops! unfortunatly hadnt planned too well and had just come from sunday roast with the family ; )
      Will try harder... ; )

    8. 83 months ago | reply

      Fear is probable a rest of instinct behaviour, which has mother nature given to us, to solve diffiucult situations without wasting time with thinking. So it was very helpful, that you actually believed, that there was something behind you. The expression in your face is real and it works to me. But i also like Andy's thoughts and suggestions.
      Definetely an interesting series, Zoe. I am looking forward to the next two shots.

    9. **s**s**s** [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

      Yes this definitely conveys fear Zoe..... the tones I think add a lot to this aswell. Have a good week :o)

    10. s0ulsurfing 83 months ago | reply

      yep, there's a bit of real tension in the way you're holding yourself here / your body language, conveys the feeling perfectly

    11. David-Duchens 83 months ago | reply

      a really excellent image my dear!! :-)

      But what are you doing all the time in scary places????

    12. :: Igor Borisenko Photography :: 83 months ago | reply

      WOW!!! Very interesting work Zoe! Your series of fearful images are very interesting to say the least... :-) Have a nice day! No fear for me!

    13. David-Duchens 83 months ago | reply

      I know Igor, and when he begins to write such things, that means he is in love! LOL

    14. ~Zoe~ 83 months ago | reply

      arrrr.. do you know him intimatly too David??? LOL ; )

    15. David-Duchens 83 months ago | reply

      no, but I know his methods for HTML (how to meet ladies).... :-)))

    16. Jill's Junk 83 months ago | reply

      Love the tones here Zoe. Really gives a spooky effect. Was the heart pounding LOL?

    17. John of Wirral 83 months ago | reply

      Certainly captures a sense of uneasiness.

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