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Sarah Zar has played with an ever-morphing poetic coterie of musicians, including Naaran Barzilay (lead vocals, guitar), Shayfer James (vocals, keyboard), Dusty Bones (percussion), Jeremy Gillespie (every instrument known to man), Carolyn Ryder Cooley (accordion, vocals, saw), Yula Be'eri and The Extended Family (vocals, guitar, bass, piano, everything, formerly of World/Inferno Friendship Society, Nanuchka, Star Fucking Hipsters), which includes Isaac Gardner (drums, theater), Sarah Zar (musical saw, art direction), Kevin Taylor (accordion, trombone), Kate Campbell (trumpet, keyboard, glockenspiel), Rob Ussin (trombone, gardening), Daniel J Gerstle (bass, guitar, keyboard). Other collaborations have included appearances by or with: Roy Gurel (Electro Morocco, Nanuchka), Stefan Zeniuk (Gato Loco Coconino, New York Howl), Taylor Galassi (This Way to the Egress), Sarah Small (photography, Black Sea Hotel), Peter Hess and Franz Ferdinand (World Inferno), Scotty (Dolchnakov Brigade), and many more.

The photography here was taken by, Mor Erlich, Doug Glass, David Corso, Konstantin Sergeyev, Dina Regine, Daniel J Gerstle, and others as labeled. To use any of the photos here, request permission to the photographers by emailing
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