Antietam Battle
This refight of Antietam concentrated on the area just north of the Sunken Lane. From Nicodemus hill to the East Woods.

The game was organised by André Van Gils at the TSA clubhouse on the weekend of 30-31 of may and 1st of June. The 28mm armies are the collection of Patrick Smets, who aims to field the entire battle of Gettysburg in 1 for 20 scalein time for the 150th anniversary of the battle in 2013.

The scenarios were taken from Scott Mingus' scenario book for Johnny Reb III Undying Courage: Antietam in Miniature. The Scenario for Saturday was "Skirmish in the East Woods" while on Sunday we played "The West Woods Massacre" At the height of the game there were over 1570 28mm miniatures on the table (excluding horses guns and limbers). The setup was on four gaming tables attached lengthwise in pairs and rolled against each other to get a full overview of the battle.

Both games ended in Confederate minor victories.
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