Nikon D600

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    Today my lovely new cam arrived, so say hello to my new deep love: the Nikon D600! (:

    Hamburg, Germany

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    1. Jamie Frith 31 months ago | reply

      Congratulations Chris!! Awesome new camera :) Enjoy your new toy.

    2. Zanthia 31 months ago | reply

      thank you, Jamie! I'm so excited (:

    3. Joko-Facile 31 months ago | reply

      OH oh .... na dann bin ich ja mal gespannt was man in der nächsten Zeit von dir dann zu sehen bekommt :) Gratulation .... ich spekuliere noch auf die D700, aber so langsam wird es was :)

    4. Zanthia 31 months ago | reply

      Ich auch :D Danke Dir!

    5. Edson Arteaga 31 months ago | reply

      congrats man!!

    6. EagleSmart 31 months ago | reply

      great camera

    7. kceuppens 31 months ago | reply

      She looks sweeet!

    8. Lauri Hannus 31 months ago | reply

      Very nice, looking forward mine!

    9. mo'funk 31 months ago | reply

      Congrats! How are you liking it so far?

    10. Zanthia 31 months ago | reply

      very, very, very much (:

    11. Meghu2012 29 months ago | reply

      Nikon D600 right side of lens has 2 programmable buttons and left side has flash/flash popup compensation button, focus mode, Picture controls, menu, white balance, ISO sensitivity, and quality are on left side, Movie/Live View switch and rocker from focus point selector can be selected using right thumb.

    12. Carlos Cabezas [deleted] 28 months ago | reply

      congrats!!!!! am so happy with the D7000,
      D600 wonderful little camera!!! top of technology

    13. moviestom 28 months ago | reply

      So after getting to play with the new camera I wanted to give you a heads up on what I thought about it. I've shot over 100,000 images with my d700 and have loved that camera. I've rented the D800 for weddings and shot thousands of images with it. I want to tell you how I landed on the D600 as the camera I will use along side of my D700 at weddings. All cameras all full frame so I think it's pretty fair to compare.

      > D700
      I have loved this camera this has been my workhorse. 70% of my images are taken with the 85 1.4 and D700 combo. It just works. That being said this camera is old and compared to the others it doesn't stack up very well.

      Feel - It has the best feel out of all the cameras because it is a bit taller and fits nicely in my hand.
      AF Mode Button - The placement on the back of the camera means I can switch without looking or taking my eyes of my subject. This is huge!

      Lower resolution 12 Megapixels
      No video
      1 card slot
      Older technology

      > D800

      Lots of detail in files
      Insane amount of resolution - 36MP
      CF & SD card slot
      HD Video
      Beautiful color

      More $ than D600
      HUUUUUUGGGGEEEE files (I think most of my files were 45megs a piece - fast computer & lots of storage space needed)
      No sRaw or smaller raw file option (deal breaker for many, canon's have this option)
      I didn't like the feel in my hands as much
      The photos out of this camera look awesome but you better be in focus!

      > D600

      Least expensive out of all of the cameras
      High ISO looks better than the D700 to me
      The resolution seems just right 24 megapixels
      The photos out of this camera look awesome!
      2 SD card slots

      It doesn't feel as nice as the D700 in my hands
      That damn AF Mode button is in the weirdest place, I hate it. I wish they kept it where it was on the D700. I use this button constantly
      No CF card slot

      More Detail :

    14. Samir Khadem 27 months ago | reply

      ooooh i want it too!! :O

      congratulation Chris!!

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