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    F8, 10min exposure, at dusk, facing East. The sun sets behind me - I love to take long exposures at this direction and this time of the day. It is soft but still bright enough to record this scene within 10 minutes.

    Added to theCream of the Crop pool as most interesting.

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    1. www.1autreregard.com [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

      I took notice of this great shot in Love it!

      ~please tag LoveIt~: Love It

    2. JMartinezStudios.com 79 months ago | reply

      nice image.. i ran into it on STUMBLE..

      http://digital-photography-school.com/blog/blur-movement/ (?)
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      invited with SICI (2008-08-25)

    3. zane&inzane 77 months ago | reply

      Thanks for looking people and thanks those from Digital Photography School - digital-photography-school.com/blog/blur-movement/

    4. Mr Din 77 months ago | reply

      fantastic capture, love these tones and colors!! superb masterpiece!

      http://digital-photography-school.com/blog/blur-movement/ (?)

    5. zane&inzane 77 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the various comments Mr Din.

    6. Kasper Nybo 72 months ago | reply

      Hi there Zane&inzane - beautiful, peaceful shot! Love it! Curious about your setup though; using ND filters? how strong? which make? I'm currently looking at some -10 stops ND's to get these long exposures. Hope you have time to throw me a feedback. Great work!!!

    7. zane&inzane 72 months ago | reply

      Hi Kasper, thanks for your compliment. For this photo, I didnt use any ND filters because it was quite dark already. For some of my long exposure shots, I use a Hoya 10 stop ND400 filter (pls check out my Long and Steady set). Hope this helps. Z

    8. The_Human_Gale 69 months ago | reply

      Otherworldly...or a place between worlds, an area of slippage...either way, it is an exceptional shot. Kudos.

    9. Fr Antunes 67 months ago | reply

      :::::::::::::::::::::::::::: I n v i t a t i o n ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

    10. 1RoseHill 66 months ago | reply

      definitely great too

    11. K.J. Lloyd [deleted] 65 months ago | reply

      Very nice!

    12. SamChung94 62 months ago | reply

      really nice. aircraft landing lights man the water is so smooth.

    13. sierrasmum 62 months ago | reply

      I can't tell you how much I love this photo because words have failed me.

    14. zane&inzane 62 months ago | reply

      Thanks everyone for the kind words.

      Sam - aircraft light?

    15. 54StorminWillyGJ54 56 months ago | reply

      This is fantastic!

    16. lexus75 38 months ago | reply

      what was your shutter speed? and your ISO?

    17. lexus75 38 months ago | reply

      It was great a shot!

    18. zane&inzane 38 months ago | reply

      Hi Lexus, the 'shutter speed' was 10 minutes and ISO was 100 on 100 film

    19. James de G 37 months ago | reply

      Did you use an ND filter?

    20. zane&inzane 37 months ago | reply

      No ND filter for this shot.

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