• colour is pretty accurate here.

Some shots with X100

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I've been quite exhausted with work and family these few days and haven't had the chance to go out for some shooting. Here are a few family shots.

This was shot with the Astia mode. Skin tone is quite nice

ISO6400 is still pretty decent - see shot below.

Hope to do some shooting this weekend :-)

  1. zane&inzane 50 months ago | reply

    Here is one taken at ISO 6400


    100% crop of the above shot


  2. zane&inzane 50 months ago | reply

    dynamic range and metering are not bad actually, as I have a BIG north facing window at home and it's BRIGHT!

    Astia mode is a little contrasty...


  3. 久淳堂 50 months ago | reply

    ISO6400 也非常不错啊!期待周末有更多的测试片!

  4. zane&inzane 50 months ago | reply

    Yeah, it's quite good considering that it's only an APS-C sensor only.

    Can't do that with film :-P

  5. ..Kev.. 49 months ago | reply

    wow. looks great. I'm holding off till I have more time... and two hands free when out with the kids!

  6. zane&inzane 49 months ago | reply

    Yes, when the baby starts crawling, you will have both hands back for your camera.

  7. Nacho Pello 49 months ago | reply

    congratz for the camera my friend!!
    beautiful your girl !


  8. zane&inzane 49 months ago | reply

    Thanks Nacho. Long time no see

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