Juggernaut and Atlas
With the mysterious object hurling towards Earth, Cain Marko desperately searches for a way to overcome his scheming allies and harness the energy of the space entity. As the human Juggernaut, Marko has always been unstoppable but is still limited by his own size and strength. Upon the final construction of his mech, “Atlas”, Marko engineered the massive machine with a perfect combination of strength and durability.

Marko named his mech “Atlas” after the powerful titan known for his extreme physical endurance. From the cockpit, Marko can control Atlas almost as if it is merely a larger version of himself. Although tempted to add advanced weaponry, Marko preferred hand-to-hand combat to ranged attacks.

While testing out the controls, Atlas was clocked running at just over 210 kph. While running at full speed, the multiple layers of hardened steel armor allow Atlas to shrug off most ballistic attacks smaller than a large explosion. After a massive charge to knock anything to the ground, the strong arms and legs are more than capable of smashing and tearing other mechs to pieces. In addition, Atlas’ back is equipped with four separate thrusters, giving Atlas heightened acceleration and the ability to jump short distances.

Juggernaut and Atlas will let nothing get in their way!
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