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Iris Nebula (NGC7023) - 5/19/12 | by zAmb0ni
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Iris Nebula (NGC7023) - 5/19/12

Image of the Iris Nebula, aka NGC 7023. This image was taken over 4 nights. Ever since I started imaging, I wanted to get a decent image out of his area. There is a cool nebula that is basically light from the bright star in the middle reflected off the surrounding dust. There is also a nice tail of dust that blocks out the stars behind. Very difficult to capture from a light polluted site where I image from.


Some flexture was showing its ugly face in these long sub exposures, the stars are getting quite oblong here.




30 x 15 minutes @ ISO400

Canon XSi + MPCC + IDAS LPS-P2 filter

Celestron C6-N on a CG-5 ASGT mount

30 x

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Taken on June 3, 2012