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GERMAN Relief Window Carvings


The inspiration for these window carvings in 350 year old reclaimed TEAK comes from the choir stalls in the Cathedral (Dom St. Petri) in Bremen, Germany. The hand-carved support posts are Norsk style similar to the California State Architectural Site called Vikingsholm, on Emerald Bay/Lake Tahoe. Vikingsholm is considered by most authorities to be the finest rendition of a Viking Lords' schloss/manor house in North America.


The stone is Montana Basalt. The windows are German.


Thanks goes out to my dear friend and business associate, Herr Gunter Kugler of Bremen who has faithfully guided us through much of this building project. From his vast knowledge in wood technology, to his love for the historical aspects of construction, from the Vikings to the Hansa Federation to his knowledge of construction in wood and other natural products.... he has helped our team develop this architectural style known as "from the LAND of the BLUE EYES". I look forward to our first Cuban and glass of Trockenbeerenauslese overlooking the 14th....


Zakopane in the Sierras.


Architecture from "the LAND of the BLUE EYES".


My lifelong thanks to my three Viking buddies from University of Montana... Arnstein Rustberggard of Gol, Claus Urbaye of Oslo, and Jan Brentebratten of Chicken Falls (Honefoss) for teaching me how to love all things NORGE !!!


We began with a simple Carpathian Alps design known as Zakopane Style, after the alpine village of the same name in the podhale (alpine area) along the Polish/Slovakian border. From there we added architectural accoutrements covering a historical period from 1050AD to approximately 1920, in the modern age. We have incorporated door portals and shutter carvings from the old Stavkirke (Stave Churches) of Hallingdal, Telemark, and Urnes (Norway)... to roof details from the Novgorod/upper Dvina River Region of NW Russia... to window carvings from the old Prussia/Bohemian regions...... carved doors reminiscent of the Baltics, and various other folk details from the Hutsells of Ukraine and the goral (mtn people) in Poland.


This is Phase 1 of a larger compound to incorporate inspiration from European architecture as well as many such inspirations in our own High Sierras. Sites such as Vikingsholm at Lake Tahoe, the Hearst compound at Wyntoon, Rainbow Lodge, Sugarbowl, and Thunderbird Lodge.


Architect: Larry Pearson, PEARSON DESIGN GROUP, Bozeman, Montana


Master Builder: Matt & Ted Williams, WILLIAMS CONSTRUCTION< Clio, California.


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