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In a rare show of political maturity, Samad Khurram, a student of a private school in Islamabad refused to accept his an award of academic excellence from the American Ambassador Anne W. Patterson. The academic excellence award was being given to him for his admission to Harvard, a world distinction in thinking skills, a regional distinction in chemistry and 7 A grades in A level. The student said that he did so because of the United States attacks on the tribal regions of Pakistan in which innocent children and the people are dying, and the US continuous support for the dictator Pervez Musharraf.

The face of Anne W. Patterson turned red and for 5 long seconds she stood there motionless with shame and anger. When the student was called to receive the certificate on the stage from the US ambassador, he just passed her and went to dice and cited the reason. As he passed the American ambassador, the principal also became flabbergasted, she tried to take hold of the student by the sleeve, but he moved on, while the American diplomat watched in horror and embarrassment.

Then American ambassador in his speech tried to brush the incident away by adopting a pedantic tone and tried to make the matter light. The principle never recovered from the shock, as she knew what’s waiting for her in the store after the function. Not only the chance of hefty donation from the Americans went down the drain, but also it will surely cost her the job.

That’s is the collateral damage of the war on terror

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Uploaded on June 21, 2008