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Left Behind

What was this? A pharmacy? General store? Butcher? It has been quiet for many, many years.


I don't know what it is about abandoned places that grips so many of us. They are irresistible to me, and more than once I've had Hubby physically restrain me (nothing scary, just by grabbing my arm or shoulder) from charging into places because, let's be honest, as all of us know, the abandoned places can harbor things we don't want to tangle with.


Texola doesn't seem like that kind of place, though there are probably things like snakes, chiggers, and ticks (the latter seem to love me) we'd do best to avoid!




Texola was different from anything I'd encountered before, because it is an entire abandoned town, not just a building or two. It's a town, left behind, the still brick and stone and wood remnants of hundreds of people, in the middle of nowhere. To think that this place had once been busy—even if in a Mayberry sort of way as opposed to a really big city—and is now so quiet is simultaneously fascinating and humbling.

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Taken on April 26, 2011