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"Can't we take them home as pets?" | by ~ Liberty Images
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"Can't we take them home as pets?"

I uploaded photos from my little purse camera and this was on it. Can you believe the size of this owl lamp? And there were TWO! I'm 5' tall, if that gives you an idea of the size of these things. We saw them at a huge yard sale during the High-Way Buy-Way on the Lincoln back in August. The seller wanted something like $80 for the pair. A bit less and I'd have bought them and put them in the guestroom just to scare (or delight) the crap out of people when they came to visit. Mom, for sure, would probably be horrified, as would my mother-in-law.


The dress is way too huge on me, but I loved the print. Also, thanks to a doctor who is willing to actually TREAT my illnesses...I'm losing weight! So some things are sort of just hanging off of me. But that's good, I think, for me! I've never been overweight to the point that my doctors were concerned, but just not my 'normal' size, so this is great.


I also thank raw milk and a new style of eating introduced to me by another doctor...I think they call it paleo diet. Full fat everything, butter, lots of protein, sensible portions of veggies and fruits, and not many sugars. Isn't it weird how different things work for all of us? And I FEEL so much better. Whew.


However, yes, I am always this pale. That's totally normal for me. It's the O'Hara blood...Thanks, Mom...


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Taken on August 7, 2010