Oxalis pes-caprae חמציץ
Oxalis pes-caprae חמציץ נטוי
(Pronounced in Hebrew: Hamtzitz Natooy)

The Oxalis pes-caprae, also known as Bermuda Buttercup and Cape-Sorrel, and in Hebrew: חמציץ נטוי, is my favorite flower along with the Anemone coronaria.

The Oxalis pes-caprae is a geophyte flowering plant from the family of Oxalidaceae. It has heart shaped leaves, coming in a spiral arrengment in groups of three. Its flower is yellow with five petals. When it is open its shape is like a trumpet's funnel but when the light is insufficient, such as during dusk, the flower closes to a narrow tube.

The Oxalis blossoms during the winter and spring in Israel, from December to late April and in some places even till May.

The Oxalis came to Israel during the late 19th century and since then spread throughout the central and northern parts of Israel.

All pictures by Zachi Evenor, some were taken together with MathKnight.

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