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14er Portrait

When I went up to Mt. Evans last week and started climbing around I was this little rock outcropping and was totally stoked on the idea of someone jumping out there for some epic silhouettes. Unfortunately the only people up there were a couple from Maine clutching each other for dear life. So I ran down to the car and got the remote shutter and did it myself. Turned out nicely! By nicely I mean totally epicly!!


On a sidenote, the drop from up there is WAY bigger than it looks in this picture. At one point I was sitting down and when I stood up the lanyard attached to my keys got caught on a rock and slipped out. I was barely able to catch my falling keys by smashing the lanyard between my shoe and the rock face. From there I sat there for like 5 minutes trying to figure out how to actually get them the rest of the way back into my pocket. I found the whole thing pretty enjoyable.


2nd sidenote: 10minutes later I locked my keys in my truck. Not my day!!!

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Taken on June 18, 2010