• in my case, the cervical disc above is herniated, and THIS disc is arthritic with additional bone growth. its also out of place.

the neck thing. ouch. no really...ouch!

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this started the mornintg of oct 14th.
Ive seen multiple drs, pa's , PT's, and have been in a lot of pain ever since that morning. I just woke up and it was wrong, all the muslces around my neck and upper back were constricted.

the mri revealed that ive got quite a huge ruptured herniated disc,. Things keep changing as far as what is next and how that goes..... Today I saw a neurosurgeon who went back over the mri and approved the surgery, and explained how it would go down. I STILL have to meet with another neurosurgeon,. I actually have a cd with the mri film on it thats pretty cool. I liked this dr today. Dr Roth out in Brunswick. He showed me where things where and why it hurts in my arm. That little tree branch looking thing above in the picture is a nerve that leads to your arms. ill post it later. Im still in portland. Dusty had his phenal injections yesterday. ALready his gate is much more normal. He is to come back in a month to meet with gail to get his brace modified again. this is ALL very positive news.
Im still in a great deal of pain.
Todays Dr gave me cortisone doses that should help some with the pain and inflamation. Currently im taking that, pain pills and muscle relaxers. Nights and early mornings are th eworst. If i do sleep, when i wake all the muscles around that area are locked up tense.
I dont know what they are going to do exactly yet. I wont be in the studio for a while.

that was a full week ago. I have a new surgery date.
This coming tuesday Nov 21, 7am MMC in Portland.
Im on the last doses of a steriod pulse and it ocmpletley masks the pain during the day but combined with the hydrocodone and the muscle relaxers im quite a chemical mess.
The good news is that they are hoping to do a discectomy from the back. If that occurs then i will be right as rain and recovered within a week by all accounts. if its from the front it wont be that pretty. i wont know until the day of the surgery. its the dr's call.
the studio is closed until i can get back on my feet.

I had the surgery then, on nov 21 and everything went extremely smooth. The surgeon was able to completely remove the obstruction and replace the nerves where they were supposed to be. It had got so bad that my entire left arm was NUMB and the FIRST thing i did when i came out of anesthesia was wiggle my fingers on my left hand! they worked.
Now, several months later, i have full range of motion, and the only reminder of this time, is a constant gravelly feeling in the back of my neck, and the occassional twinge of sharp pain. I also have a HUMP on the left side of the back of my neck, where my vertebrea now is, then a sharp jump to the other side. i have a scar that looks like an upside down keyhole about four inches long on the back of my neck, and the pain that happens occassionally is inside there somewhere where i cant rub.. It doesnt even phase me and i get through just groovilly. Its a massive improvement from how things were.

remember when we were young and could fall out of trees on our heads and just stand up and brush off the grass and bounce to the next thing? this was my sign that those days are completely over. :)

  1. The Grand Duchess ages ago | reply

    ...probably from trying the trick that lady in your painting was doing!!! LOL!!
    Just kidding!
    Sooooooooo sorry this has happened....any clue as to how or why it did??
    Good luck Friday, my thoughts are with you xoxoxoxo

  2. alex.DC ages ago | reply


  3. Maly B. ages ago | reply

    OUCHY! but soon you will be dancing the cha cha and painting like there is no tomorrow :)

  4. Michael David Myers ages ago | reply

    so sorry to hear about your malady, I had the disc removal surgey last year, it takes a while to recover.

  5. ♥ Nooda ages ago | reply

    ops !
    sorry to hear that .. =(

  6. Hippie Gal ages ago | reply

    I'm so sorry to hear this Beth!
    We will keep you in our thoughts.
    Get better soon!!

  7. adrianadesigner ages ago | reply

    Oh dear, I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Rickd248 & Sharond252 ages ago | reply

    I know how you feel, I have two in my neck and two in my low back. I've tried the shots, the stretching deal for both neck and low back and neither worked. The shots just made the doctor's car payment. They did't do anything for me. My neurosurgeon said to wait until I couldn't stand the pain any longer before having surgery. I also have stenosis and ostio arthritutis (I know I can't spell) of the whole spine.

    I really feel for you and hope things get better for you.

  9. zabethanne ages ago | reply

    Thanks guys!
    im significantly better.
    The surgery went extremely welland im pretty much 100 percent again.

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