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utopia banished | by kr428
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utopia banished

Soundtrack: Flesh Field - "voice of dissent"


"...So just give in

And follow the drones

A nation of consumption

Shouldnt challenge its role

Just believe, and fall in line

Freedom is a privilege

Thats been left behind ..."


in an age of terrorism, violence, hate and ignorance, people seem to think about protecting our freedom by taking it away piece by piece for the sake of "security". Mesmerized and numb amidst the endless stream of entertainment provided by mass media, we watch in apathy how people turn our society of freedom into a society of oppression, control, surveillance and fear. And so far, we do not really care... Some days ago, German government has agreed upon a law to force telecommunication companies into long-term retention of all sorts of communication data for the sake of "fighting terrorism", and the next steps already are clearly outlined: Preventive surveillance, a "trojan horse" software developed by government and security services in order to have hidden access to personal computers while they're online, massive use of biometrical data (fingerprints, ...) in personal ID cards and passports and so on... we're merrily building "1984"...


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Taken on April 1, 2007