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    this picture isn't the best, but do you see that thing?!

    if you are an accordion expert, can you tell me anything about it? i'm not sure what brand it is, even.

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    1. messyowl 39 months ago | reply

      "Stop posting rude comments on my friends photos. Its highly immature and I can clearly tell you're only jealous of the attention she gets with her photography. Creating an account so you can blindly and rudely "critique" her photos is not what this place is about. Do yourself a favor. Stop. Get a life. No one cares what you have to say because clearly you're not an artist."

      where in the context of that message did i threaten you? where? I think that reading up on a basic book of English language and how to use it would help you immensely because, my dear, I don't think you know what the definition of a threat is.

    2. messyowl 39 months ago | reply

      according to my flickr, i am not blocking you. in the past, my account has accidentally blocked people. I am not sure why this is. But according to your profile, you are actually blocking me. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I'm sure Cari doesn't appreciate having a whole conversation on her picture, but sorry for the confusion.

    3. Whitney Lake 39 months ago | reply

      ' I think that reading up on a basic book of English language and how to use it would help you immensely because, my dear, I don't think you know what the definition of a threat is.'

      hehehe...you go girl....

      ..anyway...time for todays art lesson or novel or whatever you want to call it.

      Here is one of my all time favorite pieces by a dirty old man named Picasso ( he painted lots of naked people ) that I see to be sooooo appropos to this whole adventure in name calling and mutual abhorrence:


      In it we can see 2 figures, one seated clunky, muscular guy who has abdicated the spotlight to a lithe youngster with talents and natural abilities that he cannot duplicate. Of course all analogies break down somewhere, because the difference between the painting and reality here is that we are educated by the painting to accept the idea that everyone has their own specific talent and ability, which are not the same as others, yet all have their own place and importance.

      Rude manners, name calling and negativity will never share that distinction however.

    4. redraven_info 39 months ago | reply

      The colour on the wall paper is interesting here. The leaves are more greener to the right in the picture.

    5. nelly O's 39 months ago | reply

      i think she's holding it upside down lol

    6. yyellowbird 39 months ago | reply

      ha yeah i don't know how to play at all.

    7. Owlgardens 38 months ago | reply

      one of your best.

    8. woanando 38 months ago | reply

      There's nothing like a beautiful woman holding an instrument.

    9. clang_bailey 37 months ago | reply

      Cool pic. I can't quite make out the brand. But I do know you are wearing it upside down. Right side should be the keyboard, left hand is for the chords. Does it play?

    10. //sarah 36 months ago | reply

      ah perfection :) i really like the pose & the tones! interesting shot

    11. friendlydrag0n 33 months ago | reply

      ANOTHER great image. It's an ugly emotion but... I'm beginning to get jealous ;-)

    12. Roberto Vernassa 28 months ago | reply

      Hello, piano keyboard must be played with right hand

    13. some_stuff 28 months ago | reply

      my dad know how to play it :)

    14. soilse (Seán Ó Domhnaill) 27 months ago | reply

      Sorry, my eyes weren't drawn to the accordion...!

    15. iByrnePhotography 16 months ago | reply

      Amazing work and excellent concepts and being self aware in your work.You have and excellent body of work!!

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