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question! | by yyellowbird
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should i do a 365 thing, guys?


i've kindof been thinking about it lately, but i have some reservations. i already have well over 365 pictures of myself, so i'm not sure what i'd need more for, so i'm just thinking about it, and i'd like your opinions, if you have any.


i'm not sure i'd have the time to keep up with it, but i'm looking for something to challenge myself with this year. i know taking self-portraits isn't that hard for me, so i'm wondering if there's a way i could make it more interesting.


i could do 365 pictures of not-myself, but i'm sure a lot of these will be done in my house when i get home from school/work late at night, so taking pictures of objects around my house might get old. plus, there's usually more options for pictures with people in them.


or i could do 365 not-photoshopped pictures, but i <3 photoshop lots and i don't feel like it's that much of a crutch for me (though i assume lots of people might think otherwise). plus the whole bragging about "sooc" is kindof lame, ngl.


i could also try to write a small something to go along with each picture.

so i don't know.


also, where would i post them? on this flickr, i imagine, but then where would i post pictures that were not-365 related?


i know it's generally better to post as little as possible each day and not bombard flickr, but that's difficult enough for me as it is. i could make another flickr for a 365, i guess.


so, yeah, what do you guys think (assuming anyone cares)? any ideas to how i could liven up a 365 project? how do you guys approach it, if you do at all? what are your reasons for doing it? do you think it's kindof a boring/generic thing to do? if i were to do one, do you think i should post it here, or make a new, 365-exclusive flickr/tumblr/something else? i would like to know your thoughts on anything, if you wouldn't mind telling me. :]


(for the record this picture is a few weeks old, not the beginning of a 365.)

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Taken on September 4, 2005