1927 School Photo Grade 1, Grootstraat Rotterdam

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    Hannie's (Johann Rotman) school photo, all looking very serious, they would be struggling to sit very still with their arms folded. The boys are sensibly segregated. Note that they are still using gas lighting in the classroom.

    Hannie is far back, directly in front of the teacher with a large bow in her hair.

    There are names written on the back in my mother's handwriting, very hard to read though. I have copied in the order she used. The class had children of varying ages (my mother and her younger sister are both in the photo)

    Teacher Meffrower Graff (?)

    Lyntje Oftenhof, Toosje Benedictus, Marietje ..., Alie Kooiman, ?, Rita de Boer, Coklie Breidveld, Jansje Grund, Nel van leuwijle, (Mums friend) Jansje (Janny) Beekhuis (later van der knaap), Greta van der Heide, ? , Nellie Rotman (my Aunt, near the middle of the photo, with fairish hair and wearing a light coloured knotted to), Ali de Wit, Marietje Hoekama, Ali N Ispelan, Unknown, Unknown, Maritje Schurman, ? , ? , Hannie Rotman, Cora Visser, ?, Koos, ?, ?, Henk Grieve, Bertus Schoenemaker, Dick Donselaar, unknown, Louis Rachert, ?, ?,

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