Viva Las Vegas!
The staff of O, The Oprah Magazine and O at Home convened in Las Vegas, NV for our annual national sales meeting. This year's theme: O, O, O It's Magic was evident throughout the week. Highlights include staying at the Bellagio hotel (loved the fountains!), dinner and magic tricks at the Mix Lounge, a poker tournament, and the Cirque du Soleil show at the "O" theater.

There was a costume party on our final night where the entire staff dressed up as their favorite Las Vegas legend. The costume party was held at the Liberace museum, where we learned more about the man than we ever wanted to know, and then spent a surreal evening with a Liberace impersonator with a cackling laugh and an Oprah fetish. Sales rep James D'Adamo, dressed as Elvis, made the night even more magical, by giving us an O-version of the song, Viva Las Vegas.

The night continued at the nightclub Light. After dancing, gambling and much needed pancakes, I went to bed at 5 am, waking up two hours later for our meeting. And then there were those on staff who didn't bother going to bed. Only in Vegas!
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