2009 Toronto Bike Awards @ The Gladstone
Here is the event link - bikeunion.to/event/2009/12/15/2nd-annual-toronto-bike-awa...

For many years now the City of Toronto has been handing out Bicycle Friendly Business Awards to recognize businesses that encourage and support cycling. Once again this year, as part of our celebration of Bike Winter, the Toronto Cyclists Union will partner with the City to co-present the
BFBA's, and present our very own Golden Spoke Awards at the Toronto Bike Awards. The Golden Spokes recognize and celebrate some of the people who have made important contributions to nurturing and improving our city's cycling culture.

Other cycling community award presenters included, Toronto Coalition for Active Transportation, I Bike TO, and the Bike Pirates.

Toronto Cyclists Union's Golden Spoke winners for the 2009 Toronto Bike Awards are:
1. Most Cycling Friendly Councillor - Joe Mihevc & his dedicated staff team
2. Male Cycling Volunteer of the Year - Simon Farla
3. Female Cycling Volunteer of the Year - Meg Campbell
4. Excellence in Member Service - Derek Chadbourne, The Bike Joint
5. Most Tenacious Cycling Activist - Hamish Wilson
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