Find The Cat

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  1. priddypix 99 months ago | reply

    Is there maybe, one tiny little corner of your home that isn't tidy & organised?

  2. yvestown 99 months ago | reply

    priddypix - LOL!! yes the attic is rather a mess but knowing me, when that's done it's going to be tidy & organized too. I'm a freak!!

  3. snowy4052002 99 months ago | reply

    What a wonderful shot!
    Please add your
    Beautiful photo to--

    Beauty is in the *EYE* of the Beholder
    Beauty is in the *Eye* of the Beholder!

  4. ThePaperPrincess 98 months ago | reply

    What?! Empty storage space?! What a dream!

  5. heylucy 98 months ago | reply

    Aww, sweet Boo! Did you see my new kitties? One looks like she could be a relative :o)

  6. Edina Khan 98 months ago | reply

    I like that little stool thing.
    And of course the paint. Such a great color.

  7. Chu li 97 months ago | reply

    i like your pictures, they are funny!

  8. wagsdot911 96 months ago | reply

    I love this organization! I need to learn from this!

  9. Marlene Ulate 95 months ago | reply

    I have that bookshelf, too :)

  10. Heath & the B.L.T. boys 84 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called IKEA Shelves, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  11. ceciliadg 79 months ago | reply

    preciosa repisa! me encantan todas tus fotos.

  12. EraPhernalia Vintage . . . [''playin' hook-y''] ;o 70 months ago | reply

    Who makes these lovely magazine holders? I REALLY need some!

    How nice and organized you are! Beautiful.

  13. yvestown 70 months ago | reply

    Ikea makes the mag holders!

  14. EraPhernalia Vintage . . . [''playin' hook-y''] ;o 70 months ago | reply

    Thanks so much! I'll see if I can get them online. Did you get yours at an Ikea store or mail order?

  15. Sneddonia 70 months ago | reply

    Even your cat is neat and organised on its own shelf, hehe, I love it :)

  16. Monique Barber 57 months ago | reply

    I adore that wallpaper! We had some very similar in the kitchen when I was a little girl in the 70s! It's so sweet!

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