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Uni, Ikura & Toro Over Rice @ 仲家 Nakaya (Tsukiji) | by yusheng
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Uni, Ikura & Toro Over Rice @ 仲家 Nakaya (Tsukiji)



The uni is almost as good as the uni from a US$220 per person sushi meal I had the night earlier. Ikura was similarly top-notch. The toros were some of the best toros I've had anywhere, but they were marred by the fact that they were too cold (probably just sliced from a hunk of frozen tuna earlier that morning).



仲家 Nakaya

中央区築地5-2-1築地市場場内8号館 [Google Maps]

5-2-1 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku (Interior Market Building #8)

(03) 3541-0211


* * *


So I whipped out my trusty little camera and started to frame my food porn shot when I heard a stern call: "Mister!" (In Japanese). I knew it's most likely for me and my nefarious photo taking, but I plowed on, pretending I didn't hear him[1].


"MISTER!" I continued to frame and take my shot.




"MISTER!!!!" The dude sounded really upset now.


I finished with my shot and innocently looked up. What? You were talking to moi?


Man, he was pissed.


"NO PHOTO!!!!"


I took my shot already so I didn't care. I put the camera away and went to town on the sushi bowl.


The next guy who came in, who also happened to be a tourist, had a canmera around his neck. The sushi chef immediately told him, in a quite unfriendly way I might add, "NO PHOTOS!"


Poor guy didn't even do anything and got yelled at right away.


I don't understand these restaurant people that get so pissed about people taking photos of their food.


[1] I've found that this is a good technique in dealing with these types of situations. You at least get one decent shot in before having to put the camera away. This might not work so good in situations where your camera might get confiscated, however.

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Taken on July 10, 2007