Diet Coke vs. Coke (Or, The Great Diet Coke Experiment)

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    Today is the first day of my Great Diet Coke Experiment. On the suggestion of my brother Yutai, I'm going to drink exclusively Diet Cokes for the entire month of December and see if it makes any difference in terms of my fatness. Subtracting the sugar intake from my two-to-three cans a day of Coke habit (addiction?) should theortically make a difference, no?

    PS: I haven't gone to the gym in nearly two months. This is just my lazy man's "workout", hopefully it makes a difference.

    PPS: I used to despise the artificial sweetener taste. Somehow, I don't dislike it anymore. It's a unique taste that I could see someone developing a preference for.

    PPPS: Incidentally, sometime during the past month or so, the price of a can of soda has been raised from NT$18/US56¢ to NT$20/US62¢ in Taipei's major convenience stores.

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    1. Rika Yang ages ago | reply

      哈~不用捏扁吧?! ^^

    2. Yutai * ages ago | reply

      actually, i am on the same experiement starting this week.

      no more sugared energy drinks at work (which i used to consume 1-3 of everyday).

      just green tea, plus at least 4 days of the gym per week (with 40min of cardio per visit)

      lets see how we end up by month's end, eh?

    3. tienmao ages ago | reply

      in your experience, do the tastes of the two products differ in taiwan vs. the US? i seem to remember things there being sweeter.

    4. yusheng ages ago | reply

      There's a definite (and pronounced) difference between Taiwanese Coke and Japanese Coke. As for U.S. vs. Taiwan, I haven't made a direct comparison, but I want to say it's not as good in Taiwan. Whether it's because it's less sweet or different kind of sweet, I don't know. All I know is when I first moved back here to Taipei, I thought the Coke tasted a little different and a little worse than what I'm used to in 19 years in the States. Someone mail me a can of U.S. Coke so that I can do an experiment!

    5. wEnDaLicious ages ago | reply

      Haha! Interesting experiment...especially since you're not even fat at all. Sheesh! Hmm, I don't even remember drinking much soda in Taipei. Just lotsa tea!!! ^_^

    6. 7_70 ages ago | reply

      the artificial sweeteners are rumoured to increase chances of brain cancer - some species had been banned from use. Sorbitol and Aspartame are two common ones still in use and there are reports on researches on their harmful effects occasionally mentioned in media.

      Suggest you to try drink something else instead of diet-species drinks. Though I know it'd be a big challenge. Or you should try the simpler way - get up & move around to shake away the fat!!

    7. jo jo lotus ages ago | reply

      artificial sweeteners are called excitotoxins cause they destroy your brain cells ! this is not publicized in mass media due to the financial interests of cos. like pepsico . don't know about you but i like my brain cells !

      better to drink one can of sugar soda and the rest water or juice . stay lean :)

    8. zeping則萍 ages ago | reply


    9. yusheng ages ago | reply

      Ha, thanks for all your concerns and warnings. Despite any possible side effects (studies have been inconclusive, whether that is because of the big, bad corporations I have no idea), I'm going to go ahead with this month-long experiment to figure out what drinking all that regular Coke does to my body.

    10. pleasant sofa [deleted] ages ago | reply

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    11. Joy Grassman ages ago | reply

      there is definitely a difference in the flavor of coke from one place to another. when i was in my coke addiction phase, i was doing a lot of traveling and noticed a HUGE difference in the flavor from one place to another. i think a big part of it is just the flavor of the water. i'm sure subtle differences in the way the machines are calibrated to dispense the syrup will also affect the sweetness.

      as for your experiment, you need to post a follow up and let us know if you notice a weight loss...

    12. GoldCoins ages ago | reply

      How did you do on your Diet Coke diet?.

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    13. yusheng ages ago | reply

      The Diet Coke diet was a failure. I weighed the same after a month.

    14. Midaina_May 115 months ago | reply

      Everyone's commenting on how Coke tasted different in one country that it does another. Well, this is why;

      Scroll down and you'll see a graph of the ingredients used in different countries.

    15. 76 Totters Lane 101 months ago | reply


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    16. shomadabdus17 39 months ago | reply

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