• Taro.
  • Grass jelly.
  • Red beans.
  • Tapioca pearls.
  • Cream. And there's this very unique bed of shaved ice made from grass jelly tea on the bottom of everything. Love it.

Grass Jelly Dessert @ 鮮芋仙

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Popular new Taiwanese dessert joint popping up all over Taipei serving up some pretty great grass jelly (仙草/xiāncǎo) desserts.

鮮芋仙 / Xiānyùxiān
Various locations in and around Taipei

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  1. nate'sgirl 86 months ago | reply

    i think this is one of those things that I just can't even fathom the taste or texture without actually trying it. and the likelyhood of me having that opportunity is zilch. any chance you would hazard a description for a deprived foodie?

  2. yusheng 86 months ago | reply

    Bitter Girl Hmm, you've stumped me. I don't really know how to describe the taste of grass jelly. It's has a hint of I suppose kind of a herbal flavor that I really can't describe other than saying it is "xiancao," mixed with a sweet, licorice flavor, but the overall effect on the palate is very refreshing (grass jelly is known to have a cooling property in Chinese herbology). Maybe someone else can chime in with a more accurate description. Texture-wise, it is very similar to jelly... on the dense and viscous side, perhaps. You can buy a can of this stuff from probably any well-stocked Chinese market, though if you did that and just ate it straight out of the can, it's unlikely you'll end up enjoying it very much.

  3. austinette 86 months ago | reply

    That looks really great. Tapioca, red beans, and cream especially. I'm not sure I've had grass jelly, but I'd try it if given the opportunity. It sounds interesting. I wish more places in Japan would catch on to the tapioca thing, though. Bubble tea is heaven.

  4. yusheng 86 months ago | reply

    austinette As opposed to here in Taiwan where you are offered the option to add tapioca pearls to just about any drink or dessert. I'll bet there are Taiwanese bubble tea places in Tokyo that have grass jelly on the menu, keep an eye out for it next time.

  5. austinette 86 months ago | reply

    ha, that's hilarious! I sure will.

  6. nozomiiqel 86 months ago | reply

    yeah grass jelly is awesome, I used to only drink cold soy bean milk with grass jelly no less.

  7. Jenn Peachy 86 months ago | reply

    haha! i tried this place too when i saw all the line-ups! hmm and actually it was on the 20th as well O_O

    was surprised to find their stores in other cities of Taiwan have no line-ups tho... maybe only Taipei people are crazy about the whole queuing thing. hahaha.

  8. lynac 86 months ago | reply

    wad type of cream do they use??

  9. yusheng 86 months ago | reply

    lynac It's one of those little cream packets you get when you get coffee.

  10. degrassifan [deleted] 72 months ago | reply

    Delicious! I love grass jelly.

  11. agoyvaerts 61 months ago | reply

    Looking up info on Grass yelly I just came across your pic. For the first time I have just tasted Grass yelly, quite an unusal taste, but fine. I am interested in the medicinal qualities of it. The cooling effect it has on the body etc....

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