• This is why red sharpie was made ;D - tehwacklaygoez
  • I wonder what kind of guns they'll have.
    The rifles and tommy guns probably.
    And they'll be in GREEN!!!
    As soon as I get these, along with a new camera, I'm gonna make some StopMotion!!!!!!! - kyjortin
  • Potential Hulk minifigure face? - Jack Ferdinand Phoenix
  • If you would've looked at other pictures you would've seen that there are green binoculars and a normal green rifle nothing new - -RipSaw-
  • Yes. - James Lasagnaboy
  • If you can do it well, do it. If you can't, you'll fail miserably. - Tim Ltd
  • I just watched Toy Story today, and this is accurate. It was white. - Gus Indo
  • I see a surge of military MOCs - RDMstudios
  • i have those - legocrazy2
  • i got a lego set called ARMY MEN ON PATROL (4 guys and 1 jeep - legocrazy2
  • Whats this? GREEN SUITCASE?!?!?!? - LegoIsMyName
  • No, it's tan. - James Lasagnaboy
  • i saw a hint of purple"lol" - TristonBewley

Army Men

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New LEGO Toy Story figs.

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  1. .The Black Rabbit. 58 months ago | reply

    These make the toystory line Acceptable.

  2. phrawggmak 58 months ago | reply

    but guns! what kind of guns do they carry?

  3. enigmabadger 58 months ago | reply


    - Western rifle
    - Briefcase
    - Metal Detector
    - Walkie-talkie
    - Binoculars

    Classic plastic armymen equipment!

  4. Tim Ltd 58 months ago | reply

    They are going to be so expensive.

  5. enigmabadger 58 months ago | reply

    What makes you think so? While it's complete and utter conjecture on my part, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a SW Battle Pack-type set at a comparable price point.

  6. connor "lego4liFe" brown 58 months ago | reply

    i love the stand though

  7. bionicbadboi 58 months ago | reply

    Nice stands for Brikwar battles. :)

  8. GhosTrilogy 58 months ago | reply

    Woot! Cant wait for these guys!

  9. KH3D 58 months ago | reply

    My favorite characters from the movies. Like the helmets and especially the stands.

  10. Corner Gas Man 57 months ago | reply

    I LOVE those helmets! Oh, man, when those sets come out I am going to get like 20 of them! Those are perfect M42 Jackets worn by the US military late in WWII, and those helmets would be pretty good stand-ins for M1s! This is going to be awesome!!!!!!

  11. Kill Boy 57 months ago | reply

    If you take out the green heads you could also use the torsos for actual lego army men.

  12. tehwacklaygoez 57 months ago | reply

    But it would look great.

  13. GhosTrilogy 57 months ago | reply

    /\ Actually, the skin on the torso is green so...

  14. tehwacklaygoez 57 months ago | reply

    ^But it can be a green undershirt :D

  15. Tim Ltd 57 months ago | reply

    I reckon it will be expensive because it's a brand. Like SW and Indiana Jones Lego is over-priced, I have a feeling that these will be too.

    They may not be, but, judging Lego's current pricing strategy for third-party brands, it seems the way it'll go.

  16. enigmabadger 57 months ago | reply

    In terms of piece count:price ration, yes, I'd agree licensed sets certainly tend to be more expensive, but in regards to fig:set price, the SW Battle Packs average out to ~$2.50 per fig, a very nice bargain. Of everything shown at Comic Con, nothing screams "Battle Pack" more than those Army Men!

  17. tehwacklaygoez 57 months ago | reply

    I really hope its in a battle pack

  18. The Lego Loᴙikeet™ 57 months ago | reply

    They should definately have brickarms!

  19. bunnyman7 57 months ago | reply

    ooo thats something i would love to see from will (brickarms) a green weapons pack for these guys!!! just imagine the epicness

  20. Hessianizer 56 months ago | reply

    I honestly can't wait for these to come out. Green hands, faces and equipment give lots of possibilities. The Army Men themselves could be the beginning of more army-related figs!

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