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365/365 Off to Photograph the Unknown

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First off happy new year to everyone!


And... I'm done! One year of constantly taking (decent... For the most part) photos is finally over. Its been fun, a little frustrating at times but overall its been a great experience. I'll probably write up a blog post about it in the coming days just to sum up my experiences and some of my favourite shots I got during this past year. Also odds are I'll be doing some cleaning out tomorrow and by that I mean deleting a lot of the photos I wasn't to happy with and only keeping the ones I really liked. So expect like 1/4 of the photos I took during this 365 to survive hahaha.


EDIT the cleansing has already started and about 1/3 of my photos lived. Also check out my blog to see some of my favourite shots of the year and some more of my musings.


First off I want to thank my good friend Irayda for helping me out with this photo, without her help I wouldn't have been able to get this shot. She was nice enough to take time out of her day to pick me up and drive me out to the middle of nowhere and walk through a field of mud to get this shot. She also helped by taking the photo for me, which makes doing self portraits a lot easier since there is someone there to actually take the photo rather then doing a lot of running back and fourth. This was one of the ideas I came up with yesterday while I was thinking of how to end my 365. At first I was thinking of just be walking towards an empty field towards the unknown since it was somewhat foggy out today but I really liked the tree and decided I wanted to add it to the photo when we drove by it. We walked through a large field to get this photo and I ended up getting mud all over my shoes, pants and jacket and a lot of my stuff is kinda muddy too and I really have to get around to cleaning them. Also for this photo I photoshopped this photo a little just to make the fog thicker then it really was since it really wasn't that foggy when we went out. Besides that and some tweaking with the colour thats about it for my last photo. Who knows what I'll do next now that I'm done this project. Time to think of another project to take on.


Strobist Info

Nikon SB-800 on my 32x32" soft box over my shoulder fired at 1/32 power


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Taken on December 31, 2011