317/365 A Splash of Rose [Explore]

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    Fifth photo of mine to get Explored! Currently at #100!!

    Check the comments to see the set up shot!

    Now THIS is the reason why I bought that glass rose! This photo is actually going to be used for one of my assignments at school, but you know I would have done this either way because its such a cool idea hahaha. Now this is something I'm really happy about, I like the way it turned out, though just like a lot of things this ain't an original idea, I'm not that creative hahaha. This is my atempt at a photo someone else done here on Flickr. I saw it a few days ago while looking for a good example for my assignment and knew I had to try it out myself.

    This photo is a composite... If you couldn't guess. The green stem and leaves are made up of 6 photos and the flower itself is made up of 11 different photos, so its a 17 shot composite. Another note to mention is the fact that this photo was taken upside down and I just rotated it so the water looks like its flying upwards. Well this was a fun and messy shoot, also an expensive one hahaha what with the $80 glass rose, I was pretty worried that it would fall and break on me during the shoot but luckily it didn't.

    Strobist Info (before I rotated the photo)
    Nikon SB-800 bare, camera left firing at 1/64 power
    Nikon SB-800 bare, camera right, on the ground pointing up, firing at 1/64 power
    Nikon SB-80dx bare, camera right aimed at the white blackground firing at 1/64 power

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    1. __yaya__ 39 months ago | reply

      wow!!! it's a beautiful work, really creative!

    2. Veki M 39 months ago | reply

      this is genious! Did you take many pics while the water was dripping and put them together in photoshop? was it allways the exact same angle?
      I love it so much, you deserved that explore!

    3. JayneLM, Flickr fickle 39 months ago | reply

      A composite yes but I still have no idea how you really did this. It's some kind of alchemy, I'm sure! :D Brilliant stuff. (Found you via Pinterest)

    4. Ethereal_fire 38 months ago | reply

      Can you give more explanation of how you did this? I really want to try it the technique!

    5. SGibson Photography 38 months ago | reply

      Love this soooooo much! Simple, stunning and breath taking!! xxxx

    6. Varun Baker 38 months ago | reply

      Really amazing man!

    7. jimgoldstein 38 months ago | reply

      Fantastic results. Congrats on all the hard work. The detailed explanation is great.

    8. Rawan Hassan 35 months ago | reply

      Fantastic fantastic fantastic

    9. Don'z 32 months ago | reply

      superb shot!!!!! extraordinary!!! love it very much. admire you creativity! well done!

    10. SiM@ce IM@ge 31 months ago | reply

      Amazing shoot!

    11. Jivanee 30 months ago | reply


    12. ibaijia 30 months ago | reply

      Can you tell me where can i buy the glass rose ? thank you ~~`

    13. chrisxiang888 28 months ago | reply

      cool pics.how can u make it

    14. pereperico 20 months ago | reply

      It's great! The idea, the imagination you need to do that, and the way you did! The result, amazing.

      I arrived to this image through the Chase Jarvis website. And checking your gallery, I see lots of great shots! Congrats!

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