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I'll start off with the fact that yay I had a model shoot today! I got the chance to spend some time with the lovely Angi who agreed to collaborate with me for this photo shoot! Oh and she also has over 5 years experience doing Muay Thai! It was a pretty quick shoot and I think we didn't even get to shoot for 2 full hours so I didn't get to many shots in during those two hours.


This was the first photo we shot when we got to our location because this was the main idea I had for this shoot. Also because I knew this would be the most time consuming set to shoot since it relied a lot on luck and timing to get the shot. So we spent about 1 hour and 15min for this photo alone (well the 3 photos). It wasn't exactly the original idea I had in mind but it still turned out really good, and if Angi is happy with it I'm happy with it. Oh yea the original order for this was suppose to be high kick, flying knee, then a straight... But now its, well whatever the order doesn't matter to much, Angi is suppose to start from the back (the high kick) and make her way towards the camera with each move, though the flying knee got a little close so it doesn't look like its the middle one to much but whatever.


You can check out the few other shots I got out of this shoot on my facebook page, and I'll be writing up about the shoot on my blog sometime tomorrow for whoever is curious of how the whole shoot went and how I did this photo. One last thing, this shot was inspired by Chase Jarvis.


For now a simple bit of Strobist Info

2x Nikon SB-800 (kickers) camera left and right, bare at 1/2 power

Nikon SB-80DX (fill) high camera left on a 26" Aurora Firefly at 1/4 power


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Taken on August 8, 2011