Macbook Pro Design Flaw
Images of my Macbook Pro where the clamshell (screen) has warped upwards on the left side. This has gotten worse over the last several months. Here is the letter I wrote to Steve Jobs, we'll see what happens:

November 20, 2009

Mr. Jobs,

I'm writing to you to express my disappointment and dissatisfaction with my Macbook Pro. I am also extremely disappointed in the treatment I received from the Genius Bar staff over the last few months. Besides its operating system and software, part of the appeal my my Macbook Pro is the aesthetic and design.

A few months into my using this machine, I noticed that when closed, the screen (clamshell) did not evenly cover the base of the computer. The corner of the clamshell looked warped upwards. At first I didn't pay much attention because the warping was small. Over time however this has gotten much worse. It is now to the point that I can fit 2 quarters into the space that should close firmly and protect the keyboard when not in use. See attached photo, or go here:

Once the problem started getting worse I took it into an Apple store (Salt Lake City) to have them check it out. They told me that this was a cosmetic issue and there was nothing they would do for me. One of the 'Geniuses' told me that they could replace it at my cost but I shouldn't waste my money because it would just happen again. Over the last couple of months I have visited other Apple stores (Dallas, Portland) and received a similar response.

What makes me so upset about this situation is that I spent a lot of money on this machine and I expect a superior product, both in design and functionality. To meet in person with Apple staff and have them look at it only to tell me that although replaceable, this would happen again due to design flaws is totally unacceptable.

More recently, my MBP developed a hairline fracture on the grey plastic trim which has since caused a portion of this plastic to chip off completely. This has left the metal exposed and causes the plastic edges to scratch my arm every time I type. This is unacceptable. I assure you that I take very good care of this machine and don't often travel with it. The machine generally stays on its place on a desk in my office.

I am a loyal Apple customer and have been an evangelist of Apple products to friends, family and co-workers encouraging those who haven't already to make the switch. This Macbook Pro is my second. I had no problems with the first MBP, which helped me make a decision to invest in another. I also own an iMac, 3 iPods and an iPhone.

I look forward to your response on how you plan to fix my Macbook Pro or otherwise make it right.
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