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Reciprocate | by Phuantastic
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Screw this. I probably abused the saturation key.

Well, at least there's COLOR. I should probably refrain from saturating things too much.

I'll try not to overwhelm you with too much colors on my next upload (which will be the left side of the river).


this is downtown singapore.. from the view of marina bay. these days it's pretty at night, but apparently on the day I went, the lights up were meh.

it was the day I went to the titanic exhibition. dang. I love titanic. so dang much. I think I've watched it over 10 times in my life. I can even recite lines from the movie..


anyway, this was from my old camera (the unnamed one). So I used photoedit because it really wasn't as good. ... that no-name camera was a pisslr, what'd you expect. seriously, after my photowalk with andy the epic yesterday, I realized that among all my photos that were wtf, worth the flickr, editing was really unnecessary. I guess that's the power of the dslr! I love it so dang much.


these days I'm super active on flickr. I made a reso that I shall be active on flickr. And I realized the magic of reciprocation (hence the title of this pic). When I commented on ppl's pics or fave it (told you I am super active these days), some of them respond back by checking out my photostream.

NOW I want to be part of the "some." :) Reciprocation. Give and take. Take and give.


Ok. Enough rubbish. I'm so glad I finally finished my history book report (which was a bunch of rubbish, again. I'm in no mood to write non-rubbish for school now).

Now I still have aplang, apchem (which I'll forfeit if I have no time), and spanish. (ho, goodness spanish! it's not even some honors class or what.) = =



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Taken on January 20, 2012