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Greenwich Village thunderstorm, 1969

Call to Action, 1969 Listen to the music... Greenwich Village thunderstorm, 1969 Pampas Grass — Big Sur visit, summer/fall 1969 Abandoned boat, St. Kitts - Feb 1970 Peyto lake, 1970 On the road to Taos, summer 1970 driving trip - 50 Prospect Park, fall 1970 Rainy Sunday in New Hampshire, 1970 My 1st trip to Paris, Mar 1971 - 19 France, summer 1971 - 17 Robbins Rest - swimsuits on the line Dinghy in the River Arne Fresh tomatoes in Paris, 1976 Mountain meadow Big Sur coastline, 1996 Alaska 2005 - 23 Walking in Central Park Riverside Park/Hudson River stroll - 12 Feb 26-02, 2007 Parrot Cay vacation - 63

This is a new project, which I'm beginning in February 2012: picking one photo from each of the roughly 850 albums, or "sets," in my Flickr archives, and putting it into this new set. Just one photo.

(I'm not including any photos within sets that I've restricted to family, friends, or private viewing. Only the public sets.)

I'm starting with the earliest such Flickr set, which contains 20 of the first photos I took with a 35mm camera, during the spring and fall of 1969, when I lived in Greenwich Village.

The hard part, as I've discovered already, is not picking a photo ... but picking only one. There are several that I like (not surprising, since I'm the one who took them), and two or three that I really want to include. But I think there's some virtue to insisting that each of the Flickr albums be represented by just one photo. We'll see how it goes...

The notes that I wrote when the photo was first uploaded to Flickr should be enough. I may eventually write some additional notes to explain why I chose this one, or that one, as the "representative" photo from that set.

And you might want to write some notes -- here, or wherever you think it makes sense within this Flickr hodgepodge, of why you think the particular photo I've chosen is not really the best one, or why you agree that it is the best one ... and/or why I should have considered a different photo from the same set.

I don't want to get blasé about picking the appropriate photo, so my plan is to focus on only one Flickr album each day ... which means that this project will continue on for the next couple of years, if I can manage to maintain the discipline and focus that will be required.

If you have any suggestions or thoughts about all of this, let me know.

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Aniket S says:

This is a great set.
Posted 61 months ago. ( permalink )

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Ed Yourdon says:

Thank you for the kind words.

It's a little sad that so many of my albums during the 1970s, 80s, and 90s are restricted to "family-only" -- i.e., terrific photos that I would love to share with the Flickr community, but which my family members have asked me not to share. So, I'm now up to 1994, and there are many more "public" photos after that period. I'll keep adding one photo a day until I get all the way through the sets...
Posted 61 months ago. ( permalink )

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